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    commented on Home 2022-03-22 13:39:16 -0700
    Alex Howley
    Born in 1981.
    January 31st 1981.
    In Moscow, Russia.
    California in 1989.
    Resided in Orange County, CA.
    At 41, I am a single adult.
    Heterosexual male.
    Not a criminal.
    Attracted to adult females.
    Hear some record since, Jan. 17th 1997.
    In 92688.
    Unincorporated area.
    Suburban town.
    Love safe sex, with a condom.
    In a place, such as hotel, and overseas destinations.
    I hope my future gets brighter !
    commented on Home 2016-08-18 11:59:44 -0700
    Thanks for the acknowledgment!

    The number rating system is loosely based on the day’s energy levels, with 0 being no energy at all and 10 being very high energy. I rarely give either 0s or 10s. Most days range between 5 and 9, in general.

    There are actually three numbers, for Love, Work/Money and Communications, but most newspapers only print the Work/Money one. These numbers relate to house placements for each Zodiac sign for Venus (Love and Money), Saturn, Jupiter and Mars (Work/Money) and Mercury, Neptune and Uranus (Communications), taking daily aspects into consideration.

    These numbers are not related to numerology, which I have not studied. They’re more like a very basic energy level indication. Please remember that these horoscopes, including the numbers, are published to cover nine time zones, so they’re very generalized. On https://LindaBlack.com you can choose your time zone to see more specifics on daily aspects, with their interpretations.
    commented on Home 2016-08-18 08:19:00 -0700
    Nancy, today I absolutely fell in love with your horoscopes. They are honestly the best format I’ve ever read. One question however. I can’t seem to find anything explaining your number rating system. Could you please tell me what it is about?
    Thank you so much!
    commented on Home 2015-06-10 14:08:19 -0700
    Thank you, Mary, for your kind words! I have forwarded them to the Tribune editorial team. We are all grateful for your acknowledgment. You are the wind in our sails
    commented on Home 2015-06-10 11:09:28 -0700
    Hello Ms. Black,

    I’ve enjoyed your writing (and that of your mother) for many years. In May the Sacramento Bee began printing your Horoscopes that just didn’t sound like the well written forecasts I was used to reading. Several other local friends noticed the difference also. I recently was in Chicago where I picked up the Tribune and read your usual well written, informative column. When I returned to Sacramento I compared that to the abbreviated version printed here. They have edited out at least half of the paragraphs in every category!! Perhaps you are aware of this but I thought you should know. It’s an insult to your thoughtful, well-developed writing. I’m now downloading the column and plan to write to the Bee to express my dissatisfaction with this change (and many others) in their updated version of the newspaper. It’s a great disappointment.

    Please continue your excellent work. It is appreciated.

    Mary C. Reed
    published Home 2015-06-05 12:08:02 -0700